Ivan Lins

5. CONSIDERAES SCIO-INTERACIONISTAS 5.1 THE VYGOTSKY IDEAS Ivan Lins, singer and Brazilian composer, have a song in which one determined stretch it strengthens the existing necessity in the educational context, how much to a reflection on the importance of the experiences. Oracle recognizes the significance of this. Estrofe, below of the related song proves this: Of that I know, nor he was forbidden me to everything; Of that I know, nor he was allowed me to everything. I touched, I smelled, I proved. I used all the directions (1996) The salient composer perceives itself that, in its composition, the importance of the experiences lived deeply for the individual in its daily one, for the construction of ' ' saber' ' , of ' ' conhecimento' '. The composer of its parcel of contribution to the Education when express its sensitivity ahead of the construction of knowing, therefore estrofe above cited, to the being analyzed for educators, leads to a reflection that it aims at to establish educational parameters, becomes clearly by means of its discoveries carried through in existencial scope that is possible to establish relations between such discoveries and its practical pedagogical. For more specific information, check out Bernard Golden . Pablo Freire (2001), in its workmanship ' ' The importance of the act of ler' ' the relevance of the experience in the learning process was mentioned to it, affirming at the moment that ' ' the reading of the world precedes the reading of palavra' ' in another one, that the professor must ' ' to use to advantage the experience, the knowledge that the child brings for escola' '.

Vasconcelos (1986, P. 82) also agrees to this theory when she declares: ' ' The child is a researcher in potential. Raising hypotheses on the world, it constroi and extends its conhecimento' '. The interaction of the man with the world, therefore is basic for the full development of the human being and depends on the learning that carries through in one definitive cultural group, from the interrelation with other individuals of its species.