Italian Piedmont

The Italian sparkling wine Asti CINZANO looks back on a successful year. Oberhaching, March 2012. Growing sales figures in the double-digit range consolidate its strong position in the sparkling wine market. The image of Asti CINZANO benefits from the strong identification of the consumer with the brand is the product by consumers as particularly trustworthy, sympathetic and highly appreciated. Online, the brand has established itself and has seen an enormous influx on Facebook last year. Through the continuous thematic focus on preferences of the young female core audience Asti CINZANO wants to expand also 2012 the close relationship with the brand.

According to a recent survey of the Hamburger market research 1 to the ranking of sparkling wine brand in Germany is one of Asti CINZANO to the most popular products in this segment. The Italian sparkling wine from the House of Campari can prevail with its unique taste even against established, traditional champagne brands. CINZANO is the market leader in the Asti segment for years with distance. While other Asti Private labels in Germany last year registered largely declining sales trends, has succeeded in Asti CINZANO, tightly bind the predominantly female audience to the brand. A key indicator of success is the fruity fresh taste.

Through intense brandbuilding using diverse target group affinity measures, the brand over the years established sustainable itself into the consciousness of consumers. More relevant success factors of Asti CINZANO is the consistently high product quality through the exclusive use of the muscatel grape from the region of Asti in the Italian Piedmont, as well as the production without any additives. The balance of the fiscal year 2011 shows that the increasing popularity affects also the sales figures. Compared to the full year of 2010, as well as in the month of December, which has the greatest significance for the sparkling wine segment, Asti CINZANO recorded a double-digit growth.” 2 the conclusion by Michael Wonne mountain, General is a manager at Campari Germany, on the basis of these figures According to optimistic: We are very pleased with the results of the year 2011.