ISRC Offer

It’s no April Fool’s joke, but the perfect offer for musicians and labels. RecordJet starts the global digital music sales, many artists and labels have been waiting on 1.4.2010. recordJet provides the best online stores such as Amazon, and 100% of the revenue from the sales will be paid all rights at the artists remain. With recordJet, each artist can sell its music online. Free GTIN identification numbers are included in the offer (global trade item number) and ISRC (international standard recording code) as also invoices with a specified signature. The service offer is extended through detailed sales statistics and includes exclusive services for musicians and labels.

This offer is available for an extremely low contribution of 0.49 / month per single or 0.99 / month per album. To be added one-time setup fees of 0.99 per track and 0.99 each selected store, which the latter only on albums. Sushila zamani, CEO and founder of recordJet explains: “I’m even musicians and have searched for such offering some time ago, but not in this form found there. I wanted to get more for me and my friends, so I decided to take it into their own hands.” The offer is flexible and can be individually assembled according to the needs of each artist. The portfolio much exists in CD-on demand to the music video. In the coming weeks and months, offering should be extended to numerous stores, services, and promotional tools so that no wishes remain unfulfilled. recordJet is ready for take-off. Please proceed to the check-in and be passenger on. The crew at questions can be answered more like. We wish you a good flight!