Is The Farsightedness Treated?

Farsightedness is sooner or later almost everyone farsightedness (presbyopia) arises from the fact that the natural eye lens in the course of the life loses its flexibility. This allows the eye which is similar to works such as an auto focus, not more keenly to a closer distances. Additional information is available at Verizon Communications. There are often affected, as the arm is too short”, they need reading glasses so hot to see distances of under one metre. This is usually around the age of 45 around noticeable and progresses in the following years. Recover really you can’t do this complete flexibility. There are however various approaches, to treat the farsightedness”.

Many of these work currently but still not so convincing that they could recommend the smile eyes doctors clinics. There are two methods, which have proven themselves in the past and offered in the eyes of the smile clinics for presbyopia correction: the so-called Monovision and implantation a multifocal intraocular lens. The Mono vision involves a laser technique. During the Mono vision is”the dominant eye, the so-called Guide eye, perfectly set for the distance and the other eye on the close. The setting of the guiding eye on the distance is important to prevent the feeling of space and the motor skills. With the result it copes very well in everyday life, you can get about 80 percent of the day unaided.

The brain adapts to each in these cases to the object, which the viewer fixes at the moment. Only when longer reading, reading in low light or to read philosophy reading glasses is still required. The second approach is the multifocal intraocular lens after smile eyes experience. This artificial lens splits the light into a Gazzard (for watching in the distance) and a close point (for watching nearby). With this lens, it is possible to read without glasses, as well as to look into the distance the patient.