Invoice Electronics In Mexico

It has been proven that using the digital billing system may occur savings of up to 80% in costs over traditional billing in areas such as printing, shipping and storage of invoices. Electronic invoicing impressively reduces the expenses of your company in the above-mentioned areas, but they also help your company become more productive because you agilizas processes since everything is done in real time. Digital invoices expedite the processes of supply and charges, in addition to reduce the time that you expect to receive a response from who send you the invoice. Credit: Learn more-2011. According to reports from Servicio de Administracion Tributaria (SAT) for the first half of the year approximately 12 thousand businesses from micro to medium, adopted the method of electronic invoicing, leaving behind old methods that did not help to grow your business. Although it seems a lot, 12 thousand is not even 1% of the companies in Mexico, so it SAT makes an extensive request for all those companies to move to the new system. To acquire the digital billing system the only thing you need to do is buy it on an established Center and can be purchased from 580 pesos.. For even more opinions, read materials from camden treatment associates.