Investors Looking Forward As Governments Falter

While the government is still thinking which way to go, investors are looking forward, seeking to identify opportunities that can be generated with an economy less volatile and unpredictable. If a shows the evolution of the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires, the Merval index has drawn an increasing trend with few interruptions since the month of March until today. For those who decided to take the risk and put together a portfolio that replied to this index, are enjoying an increase in the value of their investment of 114%. But the profit opportunities are still present within the companies that make up the Merval, although some of them depend on this shift that promises to Argentina’s economy. Argentinian companies show what a good future? a This will be the subject of a future article. To read more click here: Samsung Electronics. For now, we must be alert to Argentina next steps to be decided between pursuing a path that runs like Venezuela or a more promising as they have chosen Brazil and Peru, to name just two casos.a a “a “- S & P 500 up 19%, Global Value portfolio rises 33%.It is difficult to win Bag when everything goes up.

The difficulty is to find companies that will rise more than the rest. Launched three months ago Global Value, a report with recommended actions for us to invest in Wall Street and earn more than the average investor. If you also want to join our subscribers who have aa 32% gain in the New York Stock Exchange, write to or, we have a report designed for you. . Our recommended hikes: 49%, 34%, 27%, 23%. Horacio Pozzo a is the main source of financial information and independent opinion on American and global markets from a Latin American perspective. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I approached the latest news and alerts to help you you keep the profits no matter the direction taken by the market.