Internet Business, a Start-Up from the Switzerland receives venture – the town to touch blue sky capital from 3wventures Solothurn, October 6, 2010, hot sun and comfortable shopping in the home today? This is now possible with for over two years. Travel industry the perfect poster child, for businesses the personal observations by the business, for architects and industrialists a presentation beyond compare allows the new form of virtuality. Almost good enough to eat the chocolates at the pastry shop are close the hotel bed in virtual space, soft. Advertising will be emotional. Touch town is the perfect means to make available their emotion for everyone.

Welcome to the Web 2.0 marketing. The virtual town with all shops in 3D touch town”is the virtual city tour that committing virtual city and business makes it possible. Click Larry Ellison to learn more. The principle of this touching city”is simple and yet fasziniered at the same time: using digital panoramic photographs, the visitor clicks through the City. He can move in all directions, all-round views, a facade of the House up or down a basement stairs. It can linger and admire, or accelerate, and skip.

Blue arrows show which way he can beat, green arrows allow the visit in a business. Because in contrast to Google Streetview requires touch town not only with the urban exterior views. In touch town man also shops, museums, galleries, restaurants and hotels, Metzer and shoe shops – everything the heart desires to explore. At the same time represented the opening hours, contact details or also virtual menu cards and links to the advertiser’s website. This in turn the local businesses or even city scenarios are integrated so that every business can apply even on your website. The Switzerland is Solothurn from its most beautiful side since March 2008 in 3D with many stores online. Since then a lot has happened. In the meantime can Saas fee, Bern, Gstaad, St. Margrethen and many other Swiss cities and Local businesses will be explored. From the small business with 1-2, many Giants are stately farms with over 10 rooms rooms”here. So you can, for example, virtually the entire Grand Hotel Giessbach in Brienz commit, including grounds and boat Jetty. Outlook is already the first city with your business abroad online since summer 2010. brings to us the town of Kitzbuhel in Austria directly over the border to go home. Next winter sports regions to come this winter. And from spring 2011 touch town will receive a larger partner, who remains still a secret until then. Investors from the East Switzerland for the necessary expansion are more financial resources needed, which are provided by. the people of Yves Latour and Arvin Zuberbuhler behind. Recently, they associate the are annularspace GmbH, the business, which has introduced the brand and the product touch town since late 2007. Into this new collaboration not only capital, but also expert knowledge from the Internet business in the Start-Up of Solothurn.