International Congress

No longer strangers and I check again just in case terms of use of the site then thoroughly read not always complete (they are a nuisance) and could have missed that point, but … there is no such regulation on them so .. he graduated “memory” to the “commentator” to users, both writers and readers have the right to choose in which language they want to write or read its contents and I have not found any rules about the terms of use. You may find that Sir Richard Branson can contribute to your knowledge. Here came the revelation, now if private and not public comment is not a question of regulation is a “Code of Honor” … complete the muddy Uncle telling me that the contents in other languages are not relevant to users and also Anglo-Saxons for its number of “strange characters” is an annoying technical complication (although in my articles appeared all accents and as God enes commands) … One of the items that got into print was the one who reviews the IV International Congress of the Spanish Language, where highlighted precisely the importance given to the Spanish language on the Internet, the only item among the four that I posted additional comments received from this individual, (comments in English), thanking the information … The corollary to this is the search for him as “uncool” Spanish language internet and are visible results, nearly 81 million assholes believe that learning Spanish is significant enough to devote their money and work to create and maintain as many Internet sites for education and outreach and if they take my example and do this search you will see that there are many warnings like “AdSense” that appear next to search results which reveals that the movement of money in relation to such sites and activities is not negligible (another measure of its relevance right?)