In Wad

Her look is back in the good old days. The uncertainty of the future scares them. Because with the future that is such a thing: she has the unpleasant property to let us through their course in the dark. Since all unknown may involve a danger to life and limb, comes concern about it quickly to the fore and is mostly still overrated. Learn more at: Gary Kelly. Check so quiet even by simple tally: how often we’re talking about what does not work? And how much really goes wrong? How many customers are really difficult? How much better is the competition for effective? Or does it perhaps only the employees with the better setting? Angel advocate needed who many Yes-butter’ (Yes, but Sager) has in his team, initially let the why notter’ (why actually not Sager) Act. You get in a meeting as so-called Angel advocates ‘ always the first word. You support an idea, find the good in it first and give her a chance of survival. Now two in the room for at least once, and contrarians get so much-needed backing.

The boss should the evolving discussion quietly a while let his power word ‘ didn’t stop the creative process. In Wad meetings ‘it needs, but a devil advocate’, the all too willing consent critically questioned. Consensus decisions are not always the best, because it Tames even the most courageous idea and creates a maximum of all world solutions. However, mediocrity is threatened by extinction. Because nobody wants to buy still mediocre.

By the way, the function of the Engels – or Devils advocates by meeting attendees in the Exchange may be exercised. So everyone learns per and Contra to play, so even putting on the brakes and to be drivers. Interesting ideas from meetings and creative workshops set up an idea Bank, impulses from complaints, suggestions matching of employee and customer surveys, impulses from the media, the Web, fairs and trend reports, as well as any suggestions for improvement belong in a central idea Bank, even if there’s just no use.