In Russia

In electronically controlled boxes, in contrast to European, not all transfers are included automatically, only those enjoyed by most. The main transmission – single, conical or hypoid. Planetary stupichnye regulators almost never occur. In a huge resource of American bridges simply do not believe it. Usually, two or even, say, three million miles! What's gear – they 'iron', here is the hub of an aluminum alloy, and hairpin semiaxes not break out! Hubs – not only here part of the light metal. Fuel tanks, wheels, perforated lining the steps, and yet still have a cabin, in which only a skeleton of steel, the rest – aluminum and plastic. As a result, a huge 'Freytlayner' weighs as kamaz, and nearly two tons lighter KrAZ-258B is also a lightweight cab from a tree. Because of this, and very good aerodynamics and fuel consumption of 36-38 litres/100 km, while cargo carries a lot more.

Money – is not only time but also pounds, and liters. These huge booths is not on all Freightliner, there are options for more modest. In Russia alone, they are particularly in vogue not to buy an American truck to sleeping in overcrowded conditions. We prefer long, with three variants of the roof: a little elevated, the middle and the highest, where the ceiling can not get a hand. When an accident is triggered not only the airbag – tightened belts seat immediately lowered and tilted in a sleeping compartment. They say that the main thing is to have time to let go of the steering wheel.

Handbrake also a kind of – two buttons, yellow on the tractor, the red on the trailer. Gearshift paddles easier than anywhere else: the right lever – 'parachute' trailer brake control, the left – turn light, the light signal and emergency gang under him. It would seem that trucks with comfortable booths are expected to issue a huge and Russia uncomfortable, but not in America with her oiled roadside service and plenty of motels on the highways. But alas, not that living module – standalone oven does not all have. Language does not turn accuse sellers of used American trade in trucks imported junk. For our truckers such a car – a dream. And wherever met Freightliner – at the show or just on the track, he always calls to his interest.