In Operativity The Free Treaty Commerce Between Costa Rica And The United States

It is not possible to be ignored in spite of world-wide the financial crisis that the world confronts, the fact that it has occurred to passage to the operativity of the new Free Trade Agreement between Costa Rica and the United States. The certain thing, that the elect president of the United States Barack Obama that east year will begin to govern the destiny of this country, it will find a new Treaty that has begun first of this new year 2009 of Free Commerce with Costa Rica is known everything what it has been journeyed so that this Treaty is a reality and that really it favors Costa Rica, to Central America, from year 2004 it comes fighting to reach his company/signature and to take step to his operativity. Recurdese, that Costa Rica subscribed the TLC the 5 of August of 2004 along with Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. All these countries the treaty, known by the abbreviations in English CAFTA, entered in force for at least a year and a half. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dr John Holtsclaw. The commercial interchange between these Central American countries and Dominican Republic with the United States was superior to the 32,000 million dollars during 2007, but it is anticipated that it falls in 2009 by the financial crisis. For Costa Rica seventh effective commercial treaty will be his, because it has agreements with the Caricom (Community of the Caribbean), Mexico, Canada, Chile, Republic Dominicana and Panama, that entered use in November, but whose lowering of duties also began this 1 of January. The government of Oscar Arias announced that he glides to possibly initiate negotiations for a TLC with Singapore and with China, country with which established relations in June of 2007. Now he does in the middle of world-wide an economic crisis, especially for the United States has generated that it, a financial crisis that has repelled seriously in the Stock markets of the capitalist World.