Identify Interior Judges

Today I propose an interesting exercise NLP to help you identify and integrate some internal parts that have their positive intention and us at the same time limit and censor (you can download it at the end of the article in E-Book-PDF format) the NLP proposes to work with all that which precedes the behavior of a person with thoughts raw and that includes the Tots. By applying resources and techniques of NLP can make subtle distinctions and identify how are our thoughts, which features individuals have. We think in the form of images, sounds, sensations, and each image, sound or sensation has certain features images, large, small, shrill sounds, or soft sensations tenuous or intense, etc with NLP can make more subtle distinctions, to then modify the images, sounds and internal sensations and so be able to modify behavior .for that?…to feel better, get better results and improve your quality of life! You can read more about Tots here :> > Submodalidades-Lista a very interesting case that with help of the neuro-linguistic programming and its techniques, you can identify and then change is that of the inner voices that censor these judges or censors interiors that give an opinion too critical and unfavorable about something that we spontaneously want to do in all cases. Swarmed by offers, toddler clothing is currently assessing future choices. Involves rigidity and authority that does not mean delete them, these voices have a message to give us, very useful and must know how to identify them and give them their fair inclusion. You can experiment a little with all this and NLP can help you, since one of the effects of working with neuro-linguistic programming, and its different resources focused on working with your internal parts, is to achieve a greater sensory acuity. We all have some internal personaje-juez, which us censorship, tells us that we cannot do this or that thing, or desvalorizando us or unworthy us strip down, some aspect of our, or something that we have created here I will share with you an NLP exercise that can help you identify and integrate those aspects Tus judges indoor exercise NLP to identify and integrate your interior judges look do the following exercise: writes on a sheet, any,(tal vez exagera_la un poquito) affirmation, as for example: I am an excellent student, seller, painter, musician, selling, father, mother, etc etc, this work I did is very good, or I’m a very nice person, etc.