ID Reisewelt

Thailand plans faster drainage of the flood plans are implemented in Thailand from 09.11.2011, which serve to guide the water mass faster into the sea always still North of Bangkok in the rural areas. With the current capacity, 13 million cubic meters of water in the Gulf of Siam can stream per day. These amount to jazzband is not achieved but due to the tidal situation. Oracle gathered all the information. Only after this time, if the General level of water of the Gulf of Siam at high tide will decrease significantly, these water masses or even larger amounts in the sea can flow. Now to speed up the flow, is the water over existing waterways far west of Bangkok to the metropolitan area of the city, guided past from the 09.11.2011. It aims to achieve the significant relaxation of the situation not only with the 15.11.2011, but previously. This measure, it can in some circumstances short-term flooding a major link road (Rama II road, later Highway 35) towards Hua Hin / Cha Am / Pranburi come. The regions of Hua Hin will be but contrary to contrary rumours affected to Pranburi never.

As a purely precautionary measure ID travel the world for the interruption of the above route has out regulations for all guests, in Hua Hin / Cha am / Pranburi / Baan Grood or Chumpon stop and airport shuttles to Bangkok have booked alternative routes planned. This extends the journey times to the Bangkok airport to 3-4 hours. All guests will be informed on the spot and our 24-hour service team is in close contact with the authorities and will be informed by these several times a day. Following scheme assigns number 35 II / Highway until further notice in the event of a disruption of the Rama road link 09.11.2011 into force: ID Reisewelt / Asiamar are guests with return or onward after 06 h and until 18: 00 a day earlier when picked busy from the region of Hua Hin to Chumphon and to Bangkok.