The executive president of Apple, Steve Jobs, who is been of medical statement of release from duty, will inaugurate the week that comes an annual conference from developer in which it will show the last software of the manufacturers of iPad and a service of cloud computation. Actions of Apple raised almost 2% after company announced Tuesday that Jobs and a manager group will present/display the inaugural speech of the conference of the 6 of June, without making clear what paper will exactly play the founder of the company or if it returns after the loss, reviewed Reuters. The appearance of Jobs, survivor of a rare variety of cancer of pncreas, would indicate one of the few occasions in which it has appeared in public since in January took one third loss by reasons for health nondevelopings. , a thin although energetic Jobs appeared Center Good Grass of San Francisco and presented/displayed iPad 2, obtaining a fervent ovacin after months of mediatic frenzy and speculation of the investing ones on its health. From its presentation, the public of the network showed its intention to buy iPad 2. " It is a good signal that sufficiently are recovered like being there and participar" , it said Andy Hargreaves, analyst of Pacific Crest Securities, but it added that " he is not great sorpresa" by its appearances in other events. Apple informed into that in the conference glides to keep awake its improvements of software, including the Lemon, the eighth great launching of its operating system, and iOS 5, the following version of its operating system for moving bodies, including iPad and iPhone.

Apple usually presents/displays new iPhone at this time of the year, but some sources are developing to Reuters that do not wait for a new model until September. New service of cloud computation The company said that iCloud will present/display a new service of called cloud computation, that will offer remote access to the computers and data by Internet. The speculations of Wall s$street have concentrated the last months in the launching of a service cloud multimedia that allows the users to buy and to reproduce music. Apple has reached an agreement with three from the four great discogrficas, said the sources. To Jobs, a visionary of the technology of 55 years, attributes itself to him to have rescued to Apple of his agony in 1996, after 12 years of absence in the company that was based. Under their leadership, the launching of iPhone, a telephone with touch screen, in 2007, and of iPad, a computer of touch screen, in 2010, of business for the company dreamed up new line that created the personal computers. In January third absence by reasons for health in seven years arrived his, but the managers assure that he has continued implied in the strategic decision making. The fortune of Apple was once inextricablely ligature to its vision and leadership, but many analysts of Wall s$street think that the ascent of other managers as Tim Cook assures a good position for the future. Jobs already attended other events, as the encounter in February of leaders of the technology with the president of the United States, Barack Obama. Hargreaves assures that it does not hope that the company keeps awake a new model of iPhone in the conference, but that the improvement of OS X will suppose " great renovacin".