How to find the strength to live? How to learn to enjoy another day? Where to write about how to respect and love yourself? Where to tell how to see and appreciate what you have today? the most ironic, I know where, who and how. I was lucky absolutely everything and everything in this world, and thank God, because to him I'm grateful for what is now alive, healthy, secure, and I enjoy this life. Knowing all of this head and feeling soul, I am very hard to break himself to smile and make this world. Somehow, brains and hard vigorously continue to look for a reason to take offense, shut down, put the claim and blame everything and everyone, that life – 'bad word', is that everything is bad! What is it? I guess I know the answer, but I do not want to hear it. I want to be strong, I want to be grateful and love the world, and people. Again and again I repeat these words, and hear the insistent inner voice: 'Do you want to – do it!! Be happy! Live! Love! Enjoy …… from a higher power and thank my lucky stars, then that today live in the marmalade and you're surrounded by good people! You can fill all to appreciate the world, you have the opportunity to develop yourself! ! Take Action! Learn prinimta world! " And again and again I promise myself that will do it, YES! I love you life, I love the world, mom, dad, men, university))) Hurray!! And each time, all the sadder to become when a good mood and optimistic divided on the very first that came to the barrier, the first failure, and depression cold, suffocating wave rolls on the soul, squeezing his throat, preventing breathing, emptiness creeps into the wrapping nasty sense of their own worthlessness and guilt-absorbing: once again failed, gave up …… .