Human Mind And Myths

Hola que tal my teachers, how are devorense this good information: actually our ability as human minds will be limited to 10% of our ability to leverage? And what about the other 90%? My masters, in this very interesting article, I will reveal the truth of what our brain is able to leverage in what their activity refers to. Before you stop reading, let me tell you that there are too many theories and hypotheses of whether or not this truth or myth, I want to capture relevant information, here above all you serve you as an entrepreneur to have a mind more open and more productive. I’ve been reporting to close this topic and, truth literally, makes me laugh the image of Homer Simpson, which I found on the web, and I think that she is very to doc, since actually tell me as an entrepreneur, as a thinker, as a creative mind, do you think that we use only 10% of all the Majesty of our brain? I think it is a myth. If we have a football pitch very well ampastada, wide, clean, decorated, and all positive adjectives you want to give, and in a period of the match is not used for anything, not wheel around the ball nor no one treads that terrain, does mean that it is useless because it is not used? The same happens with the brain, our muscles, bones and everything; It does not mean that we only use 10% but that every part of our brain is used in various activities, thoughts and things that we do. For example, if we read a book we are using our attention, concentration and perhaps memory, but not to say that the part of the brain that identifies odors or like the food is useless. Or Yes? In reality, there are many initiations of this myth as the idea that Albert Einstein himself, ever Bromius with a journalist of his time and told him that the brain only used 5% or 10%, this took it so seriously that he made that the news turned to the world.