How I Became A Developer Of Internet

In an interesting world we live. Earlier here, a couple of centuries ago a man to survive, had to build a house, plowing, Ruban enemies with swords. And still did not live long – 40-50 years on the force. What now? Must be able to something only one thing to do: signs here in eksele constitute or there with people talking well. That's all. The rest will buy, if it is good At least it's doing. Only here you always want to go ahead and just do nothing but profit and receive tan belly up somewhere in Monte Carlo.

So I got into seo. I decided to make a website with original content on a free service and receive from him a pretty penny. Here's what happened: The website calculators. You can download calculator. You can simply use a web browser. Everything was done with the expectation that someone will need it. After installing the content of my calculators began to bring me money.

At the moment, piled up around 5 rub! Because the way through to the consumer (nick) is difficult, try different methods of site promotion. 1.Spam – is bad. Even feel sorry for people who get spammed guestbook. At first it seemed that the method works, then I realized: there is best methods of promotion. 2. Registration in catalogs. Free drove a website directories in test mode on Result: After the update Yandex 9 matches at 6 sites in Do not know if registration fee is more effective? 3. Posted in ratings rambler top100 and Result: The indexed pages in the Rambler. At this free methods of promotion are over – wait for the results.