Hotel Ubud

Tuak (Palm wine), is to get more on the land than in restaurants. Arak (rice liquor), not very strong, and brem (Bali rice wine) are something inherent in the roasted. Typical cuisine of Babi Guling: suckling pig is a specialty of Bali for anyone who likes grilled, fat meat. It is in the typical Shack restaurants, the Warungs available. NASI Campur: A popular rice dish with meats and vegetables.

Nasi goreng: (Fried rice) and Mie goreng (fried noodles) and other Chinese dishes can be found in all restaurants. Sate: Grilled meat skewers, using chicken, lamb, beef, or shrimp. The typical Indonesian dish is served with a sharp peanut or soy sauce. Restaurant in Kuta: Mades warung in Jln Pantai, HARD ROCK CAFe at the Kutastrand, Kudeta on the Siminyak. You can find many cheap restaurants in the village of Bualu, opposite Hotel Novotel Nusa Dua Nusa Dua:. In Tanjung Benoa: Bumbu Bali, Nelayan, casabela, kecak Restauran in Jln Pratama. The beach of Jimbaran: in addition to the InterContinental Hotel, four seasons Hotel.Zb made warung, Nelayan, pollination Cafe.

In Sanur: Purisantrian hotel near the Nouveau, the village, Manggo restouran. In Ubud. Lotus Cafe close by mark, made warung near Hotel Ubud village. In Candidasa: Agung restaurant.In Lovina: Ulamsigara restaurant, Tanjung Alam. Climate in Bali is the average temperature at 28 c to 32 c and the humidity at around 78%. The rainy season of this area of west monsoon lasts from lead to March. The mostly heavy rain is often accompanied by equally strong, fresh winds. After that, the sky is soon clear, with abundant sunshine. In the dry period from April to September the southeast trade winds blowing, fed by the dry air from the Australian desert. Oracle may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In the cooler and dry months of between Mei and Agust, Bali is pleasant warm evenings which are refreshed by the gentle sea breezes.