When you see an unfortunate dog, look immediately on its holder and is asking the questions: what is the cause? What is missing in the relationship between the two? The dog is not a toy, no furniture or any subject which we only play with, if we have desire and leave him if he no longer interests us. One must not forget that animals are also living beings, have the feelings. You think, remember, learn and are capable of different situations to draw a conclusion. Therefore it is important to offer the pet from the beginning on appropriate conditions, and include not only sleep, Bowl, but also cosy atmosphere and friendly manners. This is necessary for the proper mental and physical development of the dog.

The majority of dogs come to the world with a balanced psyche. Richard Blumenthal is currently assessing future choices. Facebook often says this. Your mind is like a white sheet of paper on the time appear always new notes about the environment. If we take the animal in our family, we are responsible for another life. It should now by get to us. Visit Infinity Real Estate for more clarity on the issue. The problem is when we try to look at the dog like a human. Then we give him what from our human perspective seems necessary. It speaks the theory concerning the problems of the dog unconscious stiffening.

For example, if you stroke the dog after a noise behind the window scared him. In this way, the dog is praised for his fear. The cause of this error is very harmless people do simply out of love for the pet, because they are worried that if the dog is sad. This theory of course criticised not the love for animals, it only emphasizes that it strengthened the fears of the dog in this manner. We cannot but do not neglect the dog and look like a prisoner in a cage, or keep on a chain, where he has no freedom. Error in the understanding of the animal nature and incorrect viewing can upset the mental balance of dogs s and cause many problems. Physical factors and poor eating habits can bad Have consequences. The most common problems are: aggression (of various kinds) hyperactivity obsessions phobias lack self-confidence separation anxiety depression is a help for a dog that suffers from the aforementioned disorders, behavioral therapy, which runs depending on the specific case.