For Lacombe and Heilborn (2003, P. 331) this theory was supported in the idea of that the people feel themselves motivated more when they acquire chances to participate and if to involve actively with the power to decide process in its work. Spiller et al (2006, P. 97) they had mentioned that the English expression empowerment possesss the direction of management that it offers to be able, independence and force the people. Learn more at this site: Litecoin. Already authors Lacombe and Heilborn (2003, P. 331) had strengthened that its meaning is not to give to be able to the employee, and yes to make with that this empregue the power, the knowledge and the abilities that already it possesss; empowerment creates conditions adjusted for the development of these characteristics in the people. Organizations that make use of empowerment provoke in the collaborators its continuous development it adjusts, them in apoiador environment and it supplies to responsibilities they.

For as many consideraes it is presumed that this tool can be allied in the implementation of the internal marketing, therefore both are part of the maintenance of a culture of organizacional quality and its objectives coincide and if they interlace. In the model of management of empowerment the employees receive bigger responsibilities why they want and not why them it is tax, in the scope to conquer with this bigger freedom of initiative. That is, the goals and objectives of the company are openly placed for the employees, fitting to these to define as they will make. They are motivated to act independent because they know that of some form they will be rewarded. According to authors Lacombe and Heilborn (2006, P. 331), to insert the management of empowerment in the culture of the company, have three basic circumstances that they must be adopted initially: the diffusion of the information for all the company and for all, therefore the ones that withhold information are charged of responsibility in its action; to inside assign autonomy of limits, therefore when the employee understands which its influence in the results of the company, its spirit and sense of responsibility increase; to form autogerenciadas teams, to instruct the collaborator to have autonomy in its decisions before the company.