Group Manager

The cases of discriminatory fallacies would be almost that interminable. All the rules have exceptions, repeat exceptions. Hundreds could be cited, thousand of examples that contradict previously displayed, but would not leave of being isolated cases, minorities, in contraposition with the suffocating reality that we evidence in day-by-day. If some day we could repair in our error of appreciation, we believe, we would be very contented of terms wrong. In the process of analysis to define the professionals who will become managers, costuma to confuse devotion with adulao, identification with bajulao, confidence with fantchio.> pull-bags of low calo, that only feeds the inconformidade and the loss of heart of the collective one that without doubts he is who guarantees the success of the enterprise.

In occasions to have proper light and criterion constitutes a defect or empecilho for specific functions. It has all a mechanism of adequacy to the environment of the organization, that can become if complicated, for who intends to insert or to understand the functioning of the enterprise structure. Nor all the moments so are bungled as above cited. The choice must obey a basic principle just and, and in these cases the taken decision will take care of, and the good ones resulted will appear more quickly. The way for the success of the new manager and the group will flow inside or beyond the waited course. The election must> to be made by personal mritos independently of any prejudgment or possible preconception. The market by itself already proved that certain daily pay-judgments normally take the missed choices, or in the best one of the hypotheses they lead the discernimentos, whose resulted they are limited. This means that the true manager, potencializador of the work in team, would have greaters possibilities of being found in selective process guided by more consistent and less bairristas values.

In short, the ideal professional can be found, if the focus will be the true work in team and the real aspiration in guiding people. We enter in the universe of the probabilities. A reliable vote and a climate of support well are received by who will assume the new challenge in such a way, serving for the new manager scaled as for the team, that will have to behave as a well articulated gear, projected to undertake to conquer, to solve problems and to know to deal with some situations. See Chаrlіе Lee for more details and insights. 4. CONCLUSIONS. Probably all we count on examples and until we live situations desired not presented in this article or other similars of different spread, but for our relief, we must arrive at the conclusion that the world would not be what today it is, if this chaos reigned at every level. We believe that valley the penalty to make an alert one on these circumstances, and thus to obtain a specter better, more just, lasting and sustainable. In the horizon we enxergamos a new mentality, all a process of changes, acceptance, integration and tolerances that will liberate the future societies of flagelos and unnecessary limitations.