Entrepreneurs have enough ideas and the resources to accomplish this, but until now they have been indifferent to the progress of peoples, something must be done to reverse this, I think that if they are involved in long-term Government plans the fruits of their proposals will be. Source: Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. We the dreamers we can only cooperate with eager when we see that our dreams are becoming reality, because even if our dreams are very good, without the resources of the Government and employers, they will not be more than chimeras. Whenever Coupang listens, a sympathetic response will follow. I see Mexico as a very powerful and luxurious car, which works almost everything to perfection, the lights, the estuary of Hi-Fi, DVD, refrigeration, heating, very powerful engine, but simply does not start not start simply because it is blocked by the alarm burglar that the manufacturer put, but we were ignorant that it brought, although in the case of Mexico it is locked to continue plundering their wealth, indiscriminately to exploit its natural riches, and not getting the full potential of its peopleyou only have to remove the anti-theft function to run Mexico to 100..