Google Alerts

If they are not so good,’ll also appreciate you for what he is saying, replicating, in elegant manner and with height, their sayings. Or, otherwise, you can begin a cataract of criticism, which, on the Internet, can have a devastating effect on your business. For my customers, I advise contact administrators of sites where these offensive comments appear, and, with a solid base, ask to draw those comments as slanderous or otherwise, you will receive news of your lawyers. In 90% of cases, the comments disappear in less than 24 hours. If, on the other hand, one who performs the criticisms have reason, then you’ll appreciate that you’ve said this, and you comprometeras with him (but, more than anything else, with all those who are reading this opinion) to the problem of which complain will be solved in the next few hours (or days) and notificaras, in this same forum, the results of your management. In this way, just take advantage of a situation that was unfavourable to your company into something favorable, an opportunity to demonstrate to potential clients how you try to your travelers and with What care receive their complaints. To do this, obviously, and seal the loss of the dam rather than become a waterfall that will damage the image of your travel agency, you have to use two tools that will become your best allies, and you will be notified, unless you do nothing, and free, what and who’s talking, good or bad, you: are Google Alerts and Twitter Alertswill show you the seminar how to use them effectively, as well as some techniques with real-life examples to avoid or curb negative reviews on the web. Stay tuned because you will know of the seminar by Internet, in the coming days and it will be with limited places. (if you are enrolled in my list will receive an invitation to your email if you’ve not yet registered can do so at the following link: contact Advisor tourism marketing original author and source of the article.)