Gold Direct

Gold Direct, store online gold leader and silver, announces the expansion of his business in Spain with the launching of the Web. Gold Direct allows to the purchase and precious metal sale through Internet of safe, simple way and is transparent. is the unique store online of ingots and gold currencies and silver in Spain, with prices updated in real time connected with the markets of futures of precious metals. The orders can be realised the 24 hours of the day, 7 days to the week, throughout the year. " Gold Direct is growing to a rate also accelerated in the Spanish market. Our objective is to offer an excellent service and attention to the client, reason why to have experts in Spain to manage this market is very important. The retail precious metal market continues growing quickly as it demonstrates the growth to it of the sales of Gold Direct that are near the 3 million Euros per month. Our expansion in Spain contributes for our objective of 40 million Euros in sales in 2012 " , it said Guido van Stijn, the chief of a main directorate of Gold Direct the International.

Andr Ribeiro, Country Manager de Gold Direct in Spain and Portugal, said: " started up at the end of 2011 and is generating a great interest in Spain, counting on dozens of orders and sales of hundreds of thousands of Euros. We have clients who buy gold and silver for many years and new clients that are investing in precious metals, for the first time in its life. " one tends online safe, reliable and easy to use, since few steps are only needed to make a request. The gold ingots and currencies and silver are sent by urgent mail with insurance and usually arrive at the clients in 2-5 workable days after the payment. How the company uses the electronic commerce and directly sends products from the warehouses of the suppliers to the clients, it can offer very competitive prices. About Gold Direct Gold Direct it was founded on Holland in 2008 and she is one of the companies precious metal leaders in Europe. The vision of the company is to facilitate the access to everybody to invest in gold and silver, from the great investor to the small collectors. With Gold Direct he is safe, simple and it is transparent to invest in precious metals.