At the time of Galileu, the Newtons, Discardings and other great names of the intellectuality, did not have miditicos instruments they despertassem that them for a parallel world of futilidades; atrofiador world of the mind. With the advent of the technology, the flow of information and operational easinesses took in them for an idle, antagonistic world to the world of thinking and to make. The people if communicated mainly saw letters and orality, of form that the world where they lived had proportional dimensions to the events of the small cities, similar villages and. The times a fact occurred in a neighboring city was total unknown in the other, of form that the populations established in averages and small territorial extensions were ' ' fechadas' ' , if communicating only for travellers who brought and took unbalanced notice, or for the messengers, who were people in charge to notify to definitive outrem it fact in another locality. Good, the things had today moved.

They had changed as much that has certain desire not to know you are welcome, to come back the two hundred three hundred years and not to share our life with world is of the walls. The thundering technological development propitiated to be in some places at the same time and to know the whole world news and same of it are of it. The times, we know more on the others of that we ourselves. This everything has a name: globalization. The globalization, that connects in them to all and everything, in them detaches from we ourselves, so great informacional gamma who we absorb. We have that to start the day knowing what had or this having the thousand of kilometers, what the politicians think, what the institutions are making, that country this attacking and which this if defending, who died and who is being born. Everything is part of us, and we are not part of everything. The globalization is the mentor of this. But without globalization we would not live today, and today we would not live without globalization, therefore a decision depends on another one that occurs in some place of the planet, a nation if enriches or if empobrece in accordance with the thought of some foreigners, and us we live or we die to the bel pleasure of the world, world this that we create. The globalization separated in them of we ourselves, and it comes it to the humanity creating since the times most remote, and in the current times this ripened. Before asking who we are, we must ask: Who is the others?