Global Player Conquers

A dynamic and innovative form of coupon distribution network-marketing, social-media-related learns his new launch! A man named Manfred H. Mayer has become new standards in the marketing of vouchers and coupons via the Internet to the task, to build social media and a Smartphone app. He is one of the most successful NM specialists in Germany. Even he has done it all already recruited large sales organizations with thousands of distributors and rebuilt. His knowledge and his experience he wants to leave now flow into a new project.

Therefore, he called a new company called “MyCouponWay” in the life, which he wants to reposition on the dynamic and innovative form of distribution network marketing on the market. One of the most important strengths of network marketing, social media and the MyCouponWay strategy is that this form of distribution offers a truly universal sales strategy and business opportunity for a lot of people. Economic and social changes have the floor for the Prepared sales form NM. NM and SM is the most modern form of direct selling. The focus here is the idea that fascinated people through personal experience with the product, and are convinced that you will recommend it to other people. This form of recommendation marketing should then form the basis of success.

MyCouponWay this occurs as an intermediary between supply and demand. Everywhere we get offered opportunities in the form of vouchers. In restaurants, where it e.g. 2 Food (2/1) receives for a price. More specifically, you pay only a food and the second is free of charge. Da same there in the most diverse range of the market. Offers for travel, events, etc. Everything must be pre-financed in most cases even over so-called coupon booklets. Here the effect then, that man but not all needs and thus stake with some things, without having to use you. MyCouponWay comes another way. You pay only if you have the opportunity to get something cheaper, and if you need it. Imagine that are with a friend in a city and you’re looking for a good and affordable opportunity to the both of you. Then you can enter the data on your Smartphone and you’ll be the offerings for food 2:1. The same applies to many areas of the market. Z. BSP. You’re on vacation and looking for an opportunity for sightseeing, museum visits and so on. Here even two advantages become noticeable. You’re so money value and also a source of information. You can get the vouchers in two ways. Can be loaded easily over the Internet and who want to be more mobile, loads the MyCouponway app free on his iPhone or Android Smartphone. Simply call the desired voucher with the MyCouponWay app, present at the party and enjoy. Thus, the coupons for restaurants, Cafes and bars, or also leisure facilities in his or any other city at any time available, he can immediately redeem spot are the customers. With MyCouponWay, you have a modern, proven and safe voucher system. MyCouponWay is the couponing on the Internet as quickly and reliably as never do. Connected distributors, shops, partners, and customers are in seconds with a few clicks at the highest security level, buy vouchers with the revolutionary MyCouponWay standard, and generate! Just like that, as it has long wished the Internet customer! For questions, am I you like under phone 4000484 available or see my website! A dear greeting to all readers! Andreas Rothfuchs