Global Automated System

The fast, international management material master data is a competitive advantage in global industrial groups. Time savings through improved communication and process transparency improving the collaboration between requestor and reviewers, as well as an accelerated material master processing is realized by a centralized communication and editing platform. The material master process is traceable at any time through a change history. To effectively evaluate the machining processes, evaluable process metrics collected. Already in the material master request is an automated edit invention and assignment based on a fully adjustable logic. This facilitates the grouping of several editors (= users) the organizational assignment to set up, for example, a works – or laboratory-based master materials.

Also, automatically generated info messages inform the user the associated group (s) on the newly created Materalstammanforderungen. Support of the people through Automation central tool business processes with the conarum addon run & record as to control the processes run & record introduced, used within the framework of the Materialanforderung of master the requestors and reviewers as a joint collaboration platform. While separate worklists creating a quick overview of the active processes the process for requestors and editor respectively. Transparency in the context of daily work also remains by the automatic filtering processes outside of the respective areas of responsibility. The requestor/editors with a click in the respective process can jump from the respective worklist. run & record offers a standardized process layout for editing and also displays the most important master data to the information. Also allows you to run & record, depending on the role of the user (requestor/maintainer), role-specific editing options, and also recorded a comprehensive change and process history.

Also with the help of run & record one for the involved specially developed, shared mail function to process internal communication as a new part of the process is integrated. Customer feedback the customer feedback for the solution was very positive. The time for the processing of material master records and the improved performance were the crucial business case, which could be realized. The conarum GmbH & co. KG, a SAP consultancy, offers expert knowledge related to SAP PLM, SAP SRM, and SAP ERP. This area is complemented by excellent integrative & technological knowledge in SAP NetWeaver. The company advises, and accompanied by the development of the concept through to implementation and optimization of customer-specific software solutions.