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Effective fire protection is one of the most important tasks in the new buildings. To prevent the outbreak and spread of fire, the best construction materials should be selected. Stephanskirchen, July 2010-with glass modern light-flooded offices and administrative buildings meet the present demands for flexible jobs, transparent entrance areas, representative lobbies, meeting and meeting rooms. At the same time, the required fire protection can be realized with glass. That enable architectural design freedom and certified, certified fire protection fire protection glass of Glastec Rosenheimer glass technology. Transparent, large-scale fire-resistant facades and roofs are no longer vision with the glass systems by Glastec they are reality long ago! Glastec: Specialist in preventive fire protection Glastec Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of special glass, so also in the field of preventive fire protection glass. Fire protection is in public buildings, such as office buildings particularly important.

The fire protection specialist Glastec has completed today numerous tests and certifications in the field of fire protection glass. In conjunction with frame materials made of steel and wood fire protection needs 60 to egg. Pyroplan elegant fire butt joint the glasses of the butt joint system Pyroplan are fire-resistant laminated glass, the the production of butt joint glazing for all glass walls of fire resistance class EI 30 and EI 60 suitable for. With Pyroplan a filigree and disc to disc flush butt joint glazing is strongly for the request of EI of 60. Pyroplan – en in wood frame and steel frame tested and certified approximately 19 mm strongly at the request of egg possible, 30, 31 mm! Planline the solution for high demands and additional requirements the PLANLINE fire protection system represents a completely flush with the frame glazing, mechanically, but invisible in the Frame construction is held and in thicknesses can be manufactured up to 150 mm. Design highlight in the fire protection using glass by Glastec: a pane of glass on glass without optical interruption of glazing units with intermediate posts and construction.

In fire tests in the domestic and abroad fire resistance classes according to the EN standards have been 30 egg, reached 60. In all Planline systems perspective, blend, integrate in between the panes sun protection systems. Planline Glastec offers a first-class multifunctional glass partitioning system for interior design and fire protection. Fire insulating glass by Glastec: variable and multifunctional a fire about 30 to 60 minutes the fire insulating glass by Glastec ensure on the basis of fire-resistant laminated glasses. In addition to the possibility of continuous glazing offer fire protection insulation glasses multifunctional and multimedia-compatible applications. Sun – or vision protection measures into the space this blind or films, sound, alarm protection or insulation. The Disc spaces are producible from 8 mm, so that can be delivered from 28 mm total thickness of slices. The tested and certified fire protection glass of Glastec offer reliable protection against fire, smoke and heat. Make quick and easy installation. Also the extension to additional functions, such as Sun, protection against glare and are possible.