Gifts From France

France is considered the most romantic country. Around her there is a peculiar aura that attracts lovers romantics from around the world. Here you will find, noisy city with lots of restaurants and boutiques, and beautiful nature and excellent museums, and quiet little villages and ancient castles. It is no surprise that almost every woman dreams of a young age to go to France. Having been there once, you're likely to seek there again and again. What to do? Such is it – the land of love and romance, fashion and fine art. What to bring a gift of such a wonderful and unique country? This question is usually everyone's mind from day one travel.

I want to present something unusual, something that is characteristic for this country. But in this case, you need not worry – in France this problem you will not have. See that and more money for all enough! Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous French wines. The range of wines in France just huge. Find for every taste and budget. But if you (or your friends) is not a great connoisseur and gourmet, you may want to take advantage of Board of experienced travelers who visited France more than once: "It is better to take wine range from 4 to 10 euros. More expensive to take a special meaning there.

It should be an expert in wines, to understand that the wine for 20 euros more than 8 ". Also, I advise you not to forget that before you drink wine, it must be open in advance – for about half an hour. This is done in order to enable it to "breathe" air, to collect oxygen. When choosing a wine as a gift to be remember that the post-Soviet space in general, people prefer sweet wines. But as they say, "the taste and color – no friends." So choose what you like.