Getting Jobs

How will this happen a few years? You fill out a special form and Google looking for the right people you are not among a handful of resumes posted on a website, and throughout the global network. Information about applicants will be collected from various websites: For information about education, will have to go on a website graduates; At the personal websites of candidates will be familiar with the work that they undertake, as well as learn about the achievements and move up the career ladder; At corporate sites of the companies where he worked as a candidate, will present his experiences, opinions of colleagues and feedback from customers; On forums and blogs can be found with the opinion of the candidate on professional matters and to assess communication skills. Google then analyzes and organizes all the found references, links, and information of them in the next few years the Internet will increase many times. After that, he prepares you well for a suitable candidates and is continuing this work under further – 24 hours, 7 days a week. Others who may share this opinion include Ripple. As soon as managers become more sophisticated users of Internet search engines, they will be able to create your own own fund candidates. Biographical information on candidates will be assembled in parts, and then sent to a separate profile for each candidate. Therefore, all the collected information about the candidate from the Internet will be more complete and accurate, than that which is in the summary of the applicant. .