German Shepherd

My first human patient was Tama, a wonderful German Shepherd whom I dedicate this work, because he reminded me what I knew and showed me the way to help the animal kingdom through the healing power of connection between species. How many children are we talking to animals, flowers or trees as natural? What we seek is not to lose the habit of doing. Not demos importance as if it were something extraordinary and participate in this activity. We have much to learn from children. When the door of communication open is as if the animal kingdom saying, "Come on, there is a human who understands us." And suddenly begins to appear people who need your service. The caregiver often does not know why you are calling.

But they do. When an animal we would normally speak or even share things with him. The problem is that we listen. Formed as Animal Communicator allows you to remember to tune into the universal frequency of language. This way you can 'hear'. Humans have the concept of telepathy as if two people who are not in place to communicate as if they were speaking through Skype, and not exactly true. Through telepathic communication with animals connect with the universal language that we use all species. MUTUAL BENEFIT IN In the early days, when all species were able to communicate through universal language, Mother Earth we all gathered around a table. The sea animals, animals of the land, air and soil we communicated freely, colaborabamos among us to seek a life on planet Earth in harmony.