Gartner Group

Or a solution of electronic catalogue. What difficulties be overcome? After seeing the potential benefits of an electronic catalogue solution, the questions are: what to do to get it? where are the difficulties? Well define the requirements of the solution. To give answers to these questions, we first reflect on some solution requirements, we enlist to do this to some reflections of experts such as the Gartner Group and Aberdeen Group: A high quality online catalog should provide sufficient information to make a buying decision disadvantaged. The richness of the content is the key, but current solutions focus on sales, not in content transactions. We must maximize searches for products, but it is technologically difficult. It is critical to have tools to manage the content quickly. A buyer can buy what you can’t find. These business requirements, experts in information technologies should add other operational requirements from his own experience as the following: the solution must integrate as closely as possible in the current technological environment of the company and be better prepared for its future evolution.

You must take into account that not all information are simple data stored without more, but there are complex information that has been calculated from other information and according to sometimes very complex and very personal company policies, prices with multiple rates and multiple currencies, for example. The solution must have a user interface easy to use, preferably in Web, to allow access from any point, both at the corporate level and in the context of possible applications for E-Commerce type. You must have advanced features to allow restricted access to information through the permissions appropriate and targeted functionality to facilitate the collaboration of teams working in the handling of the information, i.e., the solution must have a good factory of contents.