Friendship – unselfish human relationships based on trust, sincerity, mutual sympathy, common interests and hobbies. Binding characteristics of friendship are mutual respect for the opinion another trust. People, linked by friendship, call your friends. Cliches associated with the concept of "friendship": * "Real, true, male friendship" (a concept formed the basis for many literary works), which is based are confidence and self-sacrifice. In contrast, superficial, shallow and uncommitted relationships are "not real friendship." Friendship between men is contrasted with the relationship between women – in this case is considered who?, that friendship between women is impossible. * The juxtaposition of "friendship" and "love" the impossibility of friendship between a man and a woman. * In Soviet pedagogy was believed that the school between boys and girls is permissible only friendship.

Features In contrast to the kinship relations of group solidarity is the interpersonal relationship is an individually-selective (with mutual affection members). For development of friendship may be necessary: 1 * mutual liking (pleasure of mutual communication) * understanding * open (do not say "it's none of your business") * frankness, sincerity and selflessness * credibility * active * mutual commonality of interests and hobbies * value-oriented unity What was conceived as a friendship can turn into a superficial friendly relations, or even hostility. For all the intimacy of friendship, her opposition to business relationships rather relative, though the friendship is different in that it is valuable in itself. Friendship is different from sexual and amorous-erotic feelings on the nature of their motivation. 2 usually it is believed who? that friendship is characterized by the absence of sexual desire. Some believe who? That friendship, at least subconsciously, but selfish as a whole is beneficial to all participants.

Not only is the breadth friendship is determined by the social value of activities, which have devoted themselves to friends, its functions change during the life of individuals, reaching its greatest intensity during youth and early adulthood. During this period, There is a great frequency of meetings and a larger amount of time spent together in the future friendship begins to lose its uniqueness, although almost all the time is still one of the most important factors in maintaining stability personality. 1 The girls earlier than boys, moving from child to adolescent friendship, as they have previously generated a need for intimacy. 3 Many people suffer from a lack of friendship with each other or anyone at all. On this ground may have phobias, disappointments, burdens of surrogate friendship, a man backed out of a sense of loneliness. Some of the breakdown of relationships with other people ask about the presence of friendly relations directly new friends and disappointed in the response. This may affect the future relationship with people in general, and review links with existing friends. Taking your home photo album and looked through the pages we discern and remember the pictures of our distant and recent past, as it were. Old friends, interesting meetings and noisy parties, growing children, crazy adventures of the past … Where are all friends and acquaintances than Now, with live web service Social everyone can recall their own old and new friends, inviting them to view your virtual album, a chat about this and that would re-join, or find the same interesting people.