My young woman (…) that one is proud to have ideas and ideals, that teach to me very, daily, and that if express with clarity and coherence through gestures, attitudes and, mainly, words. It is, words. From now, I have certainty, it already can say for itself prpria.' ' (REBOUAS, 2004, P. Gary Kelly is full of insight into the issues. 68) In this moment the second narrator, the proper Maria of Lourdes enters in scene, counting, in accordance with its optics, the relation of love and conflicts with the figure materna. Its narration if extends until the end of history, when it is with 21 years and leaving house to live alone.

The workmanship demonstrates that in the relation mother and son the two sides present its quota of ' ' martrio' '. If for times the children do not understand the mothers, at certain moments they are the mothers who do not understand the children, trying to pass all its demands of you distress and frustrations to the rebentos. – It goes to study Frenchman, u. – I do not want to study Frenchman! I never had the minimum will. How it is that you had courage to make this with me? Mother who nonsense. (…) – Maria of Lourdes, saves me of its adolescent sermes, yes? – Not, to save I do not go you not! Every day I make a mount of things alone because you want. I go to the English because you want, I make swimming because you want, I read book who you and compel me to the professors to read, I go the museums who you choose, I make programs who you find legal, I give satisfaction in house because you find certain you will be that you do not understand that at least in my school registration, I wanted to have a bit of autonomy? – How drama! As you badly are thanked, as she is ill-tempered! Maria of Lourdes, that bad genius you have! Its brothers are so my friends, so fofos, so zen (REBOUAS, 2004, P.