Forgetful At School Or Work?

More concentration and improved memory performance through a balanced micro nutrient supply in Germany about 1 million people suffer from dementia. The number of those who are indeed not demented, but extremely forgetful, scattered and suffer from memory problems, should be higher multiples. Each of us knows whether such situations in which he has forgotten as he switched the iron off or where he has put the key. This happened before, doing many things at once, stands under pressure and is just not the case. It becomes critical when accumulating such incidents if propagate information in a timely manner in the workplace, an operation not, etc. will be posted By memory disorders, job, training and education can be compromised. Who is unfocused prolonged or suffers from learning disabilities should do not hesitate, medically to determine whether everything is OK with him harmless. It didn’t always have a dementia or other neurological disease There are; the causes can be E.g.

a thyroid disease, blood glucose fluctuations, or circulatory disorders. Not rare, just brain active micro nutrients missing the body. This deficiency can be determined only on the basis of an accurate blood test, such as for example the DCMS neuro check the diagnostic centre. Unfortunately, at the present time, it is obviously difficult to cover the micro-nutrient supply alone with the diet, although often represented by the press, and in certain circles of medicine. The national consumption study II of 2008 brought it to light: large parts of the population meet important nutrients not even the modest targets of the German society for nutrition. The result showed that most had suffered from included young women in the study to a vitamin D deficiency and a lack of folic acid lower values of vitamin C had and one-third of the male subjects. A lack of supply of essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals and Amino acids can very adversely affect brain function.