Florian Janek

The favorite wine on weindotcom.de only once is found, the customer can decide whether he makes an anonymous guest ordering or prefer registered and creates a master account with advanced features. In both cases, the order processing is carried out safely and easily over a SSL encrypted customer area. Delivery throughout Europe to the desired address. For orders within Germany are shipped from the 75 free House, for smaller orders will be charged a flat rate of 6.50. “WEiNDOTCOM this package has reduced twice this year: we have always the advantage of our customers in the eye and gladly disclose therefore improved conditions, which we can enforce our partners and suppliers,”, so Florian Janek. It’s believed that Oracle sees a great future in this idea. WEiNDOTCOM is our goal as a mark to establish it WEiNDOTCOM as wine deliveries to the market and to build a lifestyle brand for modern wine. Also our assortment and supplier network to continuously grow with the brand WEiNDOTCOM. We are therefore constantly on the Search for specific wineries and fancy wines.

We help you gladly small family farms and the cultivation of rare and autochthonous grape varieties. Wine is a cultural asset, and wine make an ancient craft. When these traditions together in creative and innovative ideas, then it will be really interesting for us”, so Florian Janek. A further expansion of the product range and an extension of the online shop to additional features are planned for the year-end spurt in 2012. Also WEiNDOTCOM wants to offer with a gift service its customers by year end.

For more information, of WEiNDOTCOM: the WEiNDOTCOM wine shipping was founded in 2010 and offers exclusive premium wines from Germany, Austria and Italy. High quality gifts and unusual accessories wine accessories complete the range of modern wine online stores. WEiNDOTCOM is a marketplace with high-quality and award-winning wines for all connoisseurs, gourmets and wine-interested. WEiNDOTCOM supports small family farms, as well as the Cultivating rare regional and indigenous grape varieties. The suppliers include renowned wineries such as Bender, Capoverso, garage Winery, Masseria Li Veli, Pfneisl family, ring, Salzl angle Seehof, Sagar, Terre Margaritelli and quality brands such as drop stop and Vacu Vin. Business contact: WEiNDOTCOM, Dussmannstr. 15 a, 86154 Augsburg Tel. + 49 (0) 821 / 34 32 13 66, fax: + 49 (0) 821 / 78 98 01 978, email: press contact: WEiNDOTCOM, Dussmannstr. 15 half, 86154 Augsburg Florian Janek, Tel. + 49 (0) 821 / 34 32 13 66, fax: + 49 (0) 821 / 78 98 01 978, email: WEiNDOTCOM on Facebook at pages/WEiNDOTCOM/248071458587309 follow you WEiNDOTCOM on Twitter at weindotcom