Financial Advisors introduces ‘Investment Check’ and ‘Steuersparkonzepte’. At the time some data-money GmbH’s customers may question that. Because on the Internet site of the enterprise data, where else mainly insurance comparisons are made, you see now investment”the two new categories of investment check”and Steuersparkonzepte”. So far one confined the best conditions for overnight, is in this category-to find fixed-term deposit accounts, or to provide credit cards and current accounts. Now has the financial portal to two interesting offers.

At the Steuersparkonzepten specifying a desired target group, whose annual income is at least 35.000,–(for married 45.000,–), and who have to cope with a higher tax burden accordingly. It is but rather than policy understanding, who lies just beneath, can of course still register and hope for comprehensive advice. Or with the investment check “help, until he achieved a correspondingly high yield. Here such a directive does not exist:. Can to help anyone who would like to set aside some money, and wants a targeted advice, here. After the interested party in the appropriate form has enlisted, one strives for immediately providing the appropriate advice. This advice must be made not necessarily by phone, but can take place for example via email. For faster processing and testing the request a valid phone number must be specified but with. Conclusion is to say that sure not that established this offer tax- or financial advisor will plunge from the throne. An interesting opportunity offered here but the online-oriented audience, to receive advice that otherwise NET and more can be hourly from 80,-per hour. For more information, see: 133-0-investment-Check.html 135-0 Steuersparkonzepte.html Sven value data-money GmbH