Dietary fiber guard your health. The heroine detective series Daria Dontsova amateur detective Dasha Vasilyeva during their investigations dizzy constantly replenish the strength in love 'McDonalds'. Now fast-food establishments (fast food), formed by the American standard, no one hit, as it was when the first 'McDonald's' turn in the center of Moscow was greater than the Bolshoi or the mausoleum. Meanwhile habit of eating on the run, 'zapihnuv' instead of a full dinner, a few hamburgers or hot dogs, drinking high-calorie foods that Pepsi or a beer – not the best achievement of Western civilization, which was joined by Many people in Russia. Besides the fact that the consumption of fast food upset the balance of calories in the body, there are major problems with the stomach, intestines, liver and other organs. The regulars social events, presentations and receptions are tormented in the morning after the party not only because it 'looked over' the day before, but due to digestive disorders. And those who have no time and not to visit the restaurants that face the same problems. Hastily eaten in the morning almost in suhomyatku sandwich – too 'backfire' stomach flu.

Not accidentally, many admit that they have gastritis, eating in inexpensive student cafeterias. There is no doubt that not everyone ordinary Russians can afford to regularly buy products that effectively cleanse the body of toxins and other metabolic products: dried apricots, figs and nuts. Nevertheless, there is an inexpensive replacement that southern Fruits and berries, which will cope with the work of 'caretaker' of the gastrointestinal tract is not worse. We are talking about bran. Bran 'LITO', developed by the company 'Biokor', are a source of dietary fiber, which, although not supplier of nutrients, but are active agents involved in the process of digestion. Included in the bran 'LITO' dietary fibers bind cholesterol, hence the bran can be used in Group prevention and diet therapy of atherosclerosis.