Federal Parties

According to it, this if initiates with the definition of the object of contract and establishment of the qualification requirements, the criteria of acceptance of proposals, the general clauses of the contract, the sanctions for insolvency, among others. Still salient it the necessity of the choice of the proclamer for the competent authority, its function in the conduction of the licitation. 2.4.2. External phase the external phase of the proclamation has beginning with the invocation of the interested parties. Of agreement with Fernandes (2000) the invocation is made through the acknowledgment publication, having been this an extract of the content of the Proclamation, contends definition of the object of the licitation, the indication of the place, days and schedules where the Proclamation or the being the same read by the interested parties and received the proposals could be gotten complete of. Having ample spreading next to the interested parties by means of periodical, site or acknowledgments placed in places that make possible the access of any person.

In its work, Peixoto (2001) describes the publication of acknowledgments in Federal official gazette and in periodicals of great circulation as obligator, and registers the electronic propagation as optional. The still salient author the necessity of the setting of one dates for the accomplishment of the public session in these acknowledgments and of the importance of the attendance of the interested parties in the licitation armed of the proposals and relative documents the qualification. According to sancionada law 10,520/02 in day 17 of July of 2002 for then the President of the Republic Fernando Enrique Cardoso, ‘ ‘ the stated period for presentation of the proposals cannot be inferior the 8 working days, counted from the publication of the acknowledgment, and must be specified in the Edital’ ‘ (Removed Text of published law 10,520/02 in the site of the Federal Government).