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Resource water incorporated into the schema for corporate environmental performance indicators environmental indicators are an increasingly important tool for the reduction of environmental impacts, as well as for the communication with external stakeholders. About the link with appropriate reference values, environmental indicators have an important information function: it comes to the environmental services of the company including the use of water in a continuous process of measuring. and comprehensible to evaluate. Environmental indicators condense environmental data to manageable key information: they help decision makers find the vulnerabilities of the operating environment as well as to detect yield-effective environmental opportunities. Environmental indicators can be an inventory in the time series and/or operating comparison are juxtaposed.

Environmental indicators can refer to different areas and provide information for the whole company as well as to individual processes or departments. In the normal case, environmental indicators are amounts involved made, i.e. in units such as kilogram, ton, piece, etc. CF. also Jorg Becker: intellectual and business planning, ISBN 978-3-8370-7564-9 as starting point for the derivation of indicators can serve an input-output analysis. In the first step all environmentally-relevant aspects of business should this be determined and this attention to set priorities. For even more analysis, hear from SYNNEX Corporation. In the selection of environmental indicators, care should be taken that they as adequately depict the environmental situation of the company. In many cases, it can not all desired key figures already are made at the first attempt.

Therefore should be pragmatic to begin already in the company assumed that existing data and these then gradually expanded to collect figures. In many cases, it ranges to first concentrate on a selection of environmental performance indicators. The strategy-check to determine the critical path”, because if you don’t know, you end up where to go, very easily elsewhere! See this in addition etc. Jorg Becker: Strategy-check and knowledge balance effect relationships make transparent, explore potential for success, ISBN 978-3-8370-4978-7. According to a documentation issued by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology are for indicators or ratios the following requirements must be followed. Data availability: The necessary data should be readily available or can be raised with little effort. Data quality: Data with small stochastic scatters or systematic distortions should be used for indicators. Updatability: Fully continuous time series with annual data should be for the data underlying indicators.

Comparability: Indicators should be objectively depending on the question and also time comparable. Consistency: The system of indicators should be consistently structured, i.e. data base and methodological approaches should be consistent in itself. Analytical foundation: indicator systems should be analytically in terms of selection and classification of indicators as well as the specification of the individual indicators be informed. Issue relevance: Indicators should be made with regard to their empirical quantitative importance and the representative for the considered population. The management cockpit of a company used benchmarks indicating whether there is something rather better as more bad to look at. CF.