Fabulous Artworks

Winter is coming and the sure and if it is already in the summer. Or philosophical: “smooth ice, a Paradeis, which is good to dance white.” – Friedrich Nietzsche the coolest Hotels – guaranteed without air conditioning. The good is this summer, that he now is a US winter pleasures. And so it is also right to the thing, there’s a new site since Sunday: Ice Hotel. You will find here fabulous pictures of ice hotels in Austria, of Switzerland and of course also Germany is represented with an ice hotel on the Zugspitze. An ice hotel in Finland and an ice hotel in Norway also introduces for enemies of the short ways: Ice Hotel in Finland – LumiLinna – a gigantic building of ice and snow In the month of the winter solstice, when the polar winter dawns in Suomi, awaken the artist in Kemi. You design a fabulous artistic works directly on the Mer de Glace: the ice Castle LumiLinna.

The construction material for the ice hotel is cheap, limitless present in these latitudes: frozen H2O. This made entirely of ice and snow shaped Castle, which is new and different is rebuilt every winter, is impressive and bizarre. Eighteen snow rooms and a honeymoon suite also available from mid-January. The facilities of the ice hotels in Finland is simple: a persistent warm sleeping bag and reassuring: the beds are not made snow. In the ice hotel’s dining room, they sit comfortably on skins and dine at tables made of pure ice while the subdued lighting casts a playful colours of the ice walls.

After a leisurely Arctic night in the vicinity of the Arctic Circle, to end his stay at the ice hotel in Finland at the ice bar for a cold drink. The room temperature is about-5 C in the ice hotel, with outside temperatures of pages-30 Celsius, that is as well as sauna hot. The ice hotel in Finland is open from 31 January. Ice Hotel in Norway – fantasy “on the rocks” only about 3 hours directions from the North Cape remote and secluded the ice hotel opens 19 km of the town of Alta, “Alta igloo hotel” in the Kingdom of Norway Sorrisniva in the former ALTA Friluftspark from mid-January until mainly beginning the fourth month of the year its doors for customers. However not only travellers looking for the brilliant in form one icy night, are at this point desirable, but also travellers who want to look at the ice magic. For above the ice hotel opening hours are daily from 12:00 14:00 and 18:00 20:00 and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 18:00. Furthermore, separate visitors dates can be set for groups. Description of the company the company becker designportal UG (haftungsbeschrankt), was founded in November 2008 by the graduate graphic designer Wiebke Becker. The aim of the company is the release of ebooks in the leisure sector – also by licensees. Following ebooks have been published so far: Leisure Guide Upper Bavaria, Munich stage portrait, beauty and wellness holiday in Austria and South Tyrol. There were some information portals in the life called, like, for example:,, and more. Of course create We also corporate brochures and everything what an ordinary work in an advertising agency belongs to. Company contact: becker designportal UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Wiebke Becker Bussard str.