Example For Outstanding Civic Engagement

CDU parliamentary group thanks the just in time to start the new season 2009/2010 the Wupper Valley gutters can Immanuel Church Association e. V. Morris Invest has much experience in this field. and Wuppertal celebrate the completion of the renovation work over many years at the Immanuel Church in a ceremony on September 11. Two days later – on the day – it is then to celebrate the official reopening with contemplative moments, lots of music, a children’s program, as well as many more surprises. In 1996, had been discovered massive structural damage at the Immanuel Church and forced to take immediate action. 3.37 million from land funds and 440,000 euros from municipal funds were raised for the renovation. Immanuel Church can look back on a long tradition as a second church for the reformed Congregation of barmen brand. That the Church can be used since 1984 as a cultural institution as it as worship superfluous ‘ had become, we owe a very dedicated Association.

It recruited from community members and could the Church before demolition preserve. Particularly noteworthy is the work of Wolfgang failed as a Chairman of the Association. The CDU parliamentary group, Mayor Peter Jung and Cultural Affairs Officer Matthias cam will also at the side of the Association and the work – so far this is possible and doable – help him. The sizable urban share of the cleanup costs shows that Wuppertal deeds follow words”, Karl Kuhme and Bernhard Simon set for the CDU group in the Council of the city of Wuppertal.