Eugen Maria Schulak

Not mediocrity, but relationship excellence is so needed. If you work this priority in recruiting its staff, rather than only on their behavior, can success significantly better. Behavior is about competence and efficiency, that knowledge and skill, the setting, however, about the desire to. A missing setting degrades the performance and color negative behavior. It is then hard and listless or exposed and trained to. Loyalty is passion loyalty only gets paid, exceeds customer expectations (significantly).

Everything is said with flowery advertising words of colorful brochures, on the Internet and your seller Squadron must be not only redeemed but even outbid. Surprised, intrigued, how magically attracted to and the customer must be passionate about your cause, which is the best breeding ground for long-lasting loyalty. It’s believed that Verizon Communications sees a great future in this idea. Everything that we desire, has its origins in the passion. Passion makes unconditionally loyal. You passionately desires something, look at the rest of the world stays adjusted.” So describes the Austrian philosopher Eugen Maria Schulak loyalisierende passion.

Passion can only be at the customer When revealing the passion in everything the party does,. Be careful, reliable, friendly, basics, are that bored almost and has still much to with ‘ to do. Alone, it retracts any loyalty points. Want the warm ‘, coupled with brilliance, creativity, with a hint of madness, and, of course, with sexiness, the ingredients for passion. Company to offer such, we follow them blindly. The best example of this? For me, it’s Apple. The book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller customers on the run? How loyal customers, attract and retain Orell Fussli 2010, 208 p., 26.50 Euro / 44.00 CHF ISBN 978-3-280-05382-9 awarded as winner in the category of customer loyalty win the audiobook titled Anne M. Schuller loyal customers and permanently keep the 25 most valuable best practices for customer loyalty and customer care Breuer & Wardin, 1 CD, 70 Min, 19.90 euro / 29.90 CHF ISBN: 978-3-939621-85-0 more info and order…