Espionage Microsoft

In the world of technology Microsoft is ravaging the market because it has sold 1 million units in just 10 days of its new video game console: Kinect and not yet premiered in Asia. But while kinetic video games fever expands and the cake part for the company of genius (mailgno?) Bill Gates, grows among some people fear that this game console equipped with two cameras, including one infrared, and that lets users interact with the Xbox 360 without making physical contact, is a perfect machine for espionage, as a Trojan horse through which Big Brother sneaks into your room. Until the Microsoft representative, Dennis Durkin, noticed this possibility when he explained during a Conference how this technology can help them determine various factors related to advertising, such as: how many people are in the room when an advertisement is displayed and how many people are in the room when a game is played. Before this concern Microsoft has It issued a statement saying that you will not use this console, which has capacity to transmit data, to spy on or undermine data that can be used for advertising. But this is just what Microsoft says. And it depends on the user in relying on the good faith of Microsoft or not, since, as by accessing Facebook, to buy one of these devices the users accept the conditions of service of Microsoft, among which is the right to use information obtained through this device, which also connects to the internet.

According to the blog LazyGamer, section 9 and 12 of the terms of service of Kinect expressly authorize and consent to the access and the right to disclose information about you, including the content of your communications, to:-comply with the law or respond to legal requests or legal process. -protect the rights or property of Microsoft, our partners, our customers, including the enforcement of our agreements or policies governing your use of the service. -Act in good faith in the judgment of which such access or disclosure is necessary to protect the personal safety of Microsoft employees, customers or the public. Here it is clear that Microsoft is saying that beyond that use it or not, the information is being recorded, since it could be necessary in the future to preserve your property or your safety. In a jumbled way suggests that if you’re a terrorist (or someone prosecuted by the Government) and you play Kinect, the information that recave this console will be used to preserve the safety of the public in general or will be granted to the Government. In addition, everything is against the arbitrariness of what is good faith, a definition that surely Microsoft attorneys know to turn in their favor. Obviously no evidence that Microsoft will use this device to spy on its users. The question is can we trust in these large companies that at the end and after feeding on our information to create their products, in a fierce competition with other megacorporations? Maybe you have nothing to hide, but of any way information is power, as it showed Michel Foucault: today the internet has become the panoptikon: in a world connected to the network all the points are the Centre and all points are vigilables. Original author and source of the article