Esoteric Approach

Being the esoterism the science of the soul of the things and the events, or the science of the essences, can be said that it is a knowledge that puts emphasis in the world of the energies, that is, recognizes that for detrs of the events, the world of the phenomena, the world of the energies exists, of the essences. One of the esoterism definitions most inadequate is of that it says respect to the occult hidden one and, or that he involves an organization, or something that does not have access, or still occult magical and ritual arts. It, in the truth, he is only occult for that do not possess evolutivas and ethical conditions to penetrate it. The esoteric study when joined to the esoteric experience it discloses, opportunely, the world of the true intention and, leading finally to the world of the meanings. The esoterista starts strengtheing itself to discover the reason of the things; it is concentrated in the problems of the events, events, crises and circumstances the end to arrive to understand the intention that can contain for it. When it arrives to reach the significao of some specific problem, uses it as an invitation to penetrate more deeply in the just-disclosed world of the meanings; it learns, then, to deal, to incorporate its small personal problems to the problems of the all biggest one. It discovers thus the world of the meanings spread as an intricate net in all the activities and each aspect of the fenomenolgico world. Nicki Minaj addresses the importance of the matter here. The esoterism is, in reality, the training in the ability to function freely in the world of the meanings.

This involves a life in tune with the internal subjective realities. The esoterism involves self-knowledge and education in the direction of that to learn is to remember itself. Self-knowledge is auto-memory. Psychology inside of the cooperative approach and with group conscience is born inside of this vision or science of the essences. Therefore part of the beginning of the basic unit of essence and of the unit of the things. The group conscience or conscience of the cooperation aims at the harmony of all, without competitions.

It takes to a truily democratic optics (of all, for all and for all) and psychological in the direction of a synthetic, esoteric vision and of the unit or harmony of everything what it exists. Consequentemente, takes the men to a sense of global responsibility in all the directions. A new world-wide, synthetic, including and global order could only be born (and it is being born currently) from a cooperative psychology and of a group conscience, searching in the true one felt of the esoterism (the science of the essences) its inspiration. The competition, the personalismo, the nationalism and as much other barriers already had demonstrated its inefficacy and damages, want the individual, want to the society, want to the planet. Therefore, any activity with an esoteric psychological conception, will surpass all the problems and challenges with much more easiness.