Electric Bass Techniques

The electric bass is an instrument that has many ways of touching, there are different techniques to make it sound. Shape more common is touching the strings with the fingers of the right hand, although there are different bassists using one or two and even three fingers to play it the standard way would be doing so with the index and middle finger. Alternating the index and middle finger can give us a good technique and can achieve very good levels using these fingers. Do an important point here is the way we are going to move the index fingers and medium through the ropes to keep a clean sound, and for this we are going to avail of the thumb, this finger will keep the strings we’re not playing silent and we will give a sound more clean to see which will give us a better balance at the time of playing the bass but how do? try touch with values rhythmic singles as fourth or eighth, touches the string of E, (fourth string) and start making rooms, always verifies that you move your fingers turn, index and middle, index and average all time now is time to move, change your rope, jumps to A rope (third string) and get the same index and middle, index and middle. OK is this part where it enters action thumb when you pass from to A rope, rope recharge your thumb on the string resting your thumb on the string and you will keep the sound off of that rope is precisely what we seek, not to sound the string while we play A rope and now? now jump to the rope of D (second string) your index finger and middle continuous alternating and continuous movement, and the thumb moves to A rope (third string), once your thumb this in A rope you need to gently rub the rope of (fourth string) this is very important to your you recharges on A rope and with the side of your thumb rozas ropethe purpose is to keep the two strings off while you play the D string and then you play (first G rope rope) continuing your reciprocating motion of the finger index and a half and now your thumb already will not move more! the thumb stays in A rope and then who turns off the sound of the D string?… well, as this going it to make the same finger index and a half every time you touch the rope of Sun with the index finger or the Middle gonna finish charging you on the D string, i.e. tocas G and your finger stops moving with D rope that is all throughout this series of instructions make this seem very complicated, but it actually is not, simply describe it is very detailed, but at the time that you try it you will notice account which are natural your finger movements, if never you had done something like this course will be a bit complicated, but you only need a small time of practice so your hands and your brain is accustomed to movementsthen your fingers will move automatically, only gives you a time to practice it, and do it slowly, very slowly at first, as you go leaving speed increases but only until you mastered the previous one.