You can not learn and work shop assistant. And you can get a higher education and work as a senior shop assistant (s) bashorg Who can tell me what is taught in universities? This topic is frequently discussed, but answers were very vague. Education ‘gives outlook’ and ‘learn to work with information. ” Let’s leave behind the debate on those who really need very specific skills: doctors, engineers, and uzkonauchnye high-tech specialty. There really needs high school with good facilities, qualified teachers and constant practice. The question is: what gives the most common in the field of higher education: an economist, a lawyer, but manager? The main problem is that a graduate of the university five years of studies, usually at the expense of the parents goes with no skills, six months looking for work, and then arranged a shop assistant.

But diploma! Some are even two such education receive))) And what prevents to go and get vocational education technologies on the production? Such a profession is always in demand. But our average graduate already damaged by many points. He expects it to someone will say what to do. He can not make decisions and take responsibility. Able to work with the information? Maybe so, but can not convert this information into practical action.

And so every year in this country adds a huge number of graduates who can not do anything. pr, eychary, Sayles, who can not sell themselves to employers. And bad, of course, employers))) In best case, such a person finds work, he does not like can not and do not want to work. And you can find his calling, what is interesting for the present, and perfect in his business. You can learn the most, in practice, the method trial and error, to invent many such interesting bikes, get to know their business inside, its very nature, are not mechanically and theoretically, but it really is. You can study the theory of sailing for years, you can sit on shore and watch the swimmers, with a smart appearance. But until you zalezesh the water itself, and not try to swim – you never learn to swim is not. The modern system of education is a business. It is earning high schools money on the exploitation of the myth who are positioned in the minds of the Soviet era: we have something to give. Education to give, to work, give shelter. And this is no longer – the world has changed. And the crisis has clearly shown who needs really are. A need those who can work with. It work, produce, do something now. This can only learn to ‘fingered hands.