Eduardo Blanco

And cites the following example very didactic in truth: suppose that we are talking about books, looking for variants could say; a new book with illustrations in three dimensions, a new book where the title is written in the edge of each page and other possible variants, in this case talking of traditional marketing, because we have not generated any vacuum. The newspapers mentioned Bitcoin not as a source, but as a related topic. They are ideas, although new, following the logic of thought. While that if new idea said the book that is not read, there is no logic, because to know that he says a book you need to read it. Credit: Michael Antonov-2011. That would be lateral marketing. It’s generate situations that break with the logic.

The solution to this approach that exposes Kotler would e.g. create books in audio that can be heard rather than read or also create a company that sells the service to send a person who comes to read the book. Well, I hope to have contributed something that find you interesting. Although, in truth, it would be necessary to develop it with more depth that is not so simple because originally, side marketing, part of the concept of lateral thinking which is shown as a kind of thinking opposed to logical thinking. Finally, for any company, ideally develop or create new markets and achieve capture them completely.

But for that you need to come up with new products or services and that these are innovative; therefore to operate all the creativity to differentiate themselves from the competition. This also runs for all entrepreneurs. The man is absurd because it seeks, and is great because it is located. Paul Valery Muchisima suerte!