EBE Il And Their Journey To Self

A wonderful insight into the awareness trip of a human being. This is a story of a wondrous adventure of a human being”, which just now, at this moment occurred. Ripple might disagree with that approach. “A story, practically in the ultimate now” out of the blue in the sacred space of the mother earth is born. An adventure of consciousness, that earned the predicate of the uniqueness without a doubt. One of the countless children of love, which synchronously, so at the same time is born in many and various ways in this moment-different places in the universe and takes his own life course. (As opposed to Verizon Communications). History, which takes place today in the radiant light of the present, to dress in all colors of the Rainbow.

An adventure that enjoyed abundant supply in the past, offered a delicious and rewarding pastime just an unimaginable number of beings. What was felt in the whole consciousness continuum at all times as extremely valuable and therefore also boundless admiration of the entire universe as well as earned adequate assessment. But also an adventure that takes place in the near and distant future. Will happen at some point and therefore also here in the present, in the framework of a preliminary story written by us and adopted with share read, seen, experienced, can be also by us before experienced. And last but not least we definite way also lived is. “We call this extraordinary adventure often experienced and usual, sometimes even almost pejorative, with the two words: life”.

Life, let’s say, is just the way and actually mean anything. Quite apart from that we away have reduced the wonderful in it, nothing left as an empty phrase. And it is the continuous miracle in itself, a holistic, multidimensional story without beginning, without end, in his unpredictable ways that each individual little soul, alone, but at the same time as a community, the community increasingly true, witnessed both on the creation and design, just as the creator and created with. I, one which brings the lines on the paper, am also an equivalent and essential part of this collective adventure and it is probably necessary to start, because the subjectivity which rises the illustrative angle of said multi-layered life, but significantly colored the content, the game scene is from my angle of viewing.