Early Modern Period

Life insurance is considered a classic of the industry, but how long they already exist and where are the differences to today’s models? Life insurance in addition to the car insurance today is considered most important insurance on the German market. Customers have the choice of risk life insurance, capital life insurance and unit-linked life insurance today. Read more here: Marianna Tessell. There are many different insurers that can offer a wide range of services to their customers. This result in policyholders benefit from many different services. Through the Internet, customers have a great advantage as regards transparency: you can simply on the Internet find current rates and then close. This result in policyholders benefit from current and cheaper rates. The health questions can be answered simply on the phone.

This comfortable situation could in the late middle ages and in early modern times (14. Until 16th century) be no talk at all. Finally, there was a whole series of good reasons why is the Life insurance still has not developed to the, what should they be once. The reasons are basically for this purpose in the social structures but also in the lack of mathematical foundations of the calculus of probability. But in the early modern period the need for life insurance has grown by leaps and bounds.

Because in this age of the European continent and the entire world changed no wonder so fast, that there was more in the Middle Ages also no return. Nowadays age is the 16th century often also described as setting out in a new. Basically, you have to say that this is a review. In addition, the term Renaissance was not in the 15. Or 16th century but only in the 18th century. At this time, there was a trend to turn away from the dark middle ages. It focused on the achievements of the Romans and Griechend, but ignored the benefits that could be achieved in the middle ages.